We specialize in buying homes from sellers in a variety of different situations.

Below are some of the most common situations that we encounter, however, we use our real estate experience to find the best solution for every homeowner, even if it involves suggesting the seller seek out an alternative strategy that may be more suitable for their situation.

Stop Foreclosure Through Short Sale

Stop Financial Strain and Foreclosure

We can work with you to stop financial strain and prevent foreclosure by purchasing your house today
Sell My Ugly Home

Sell My Ugly House

Whether your house is a fixer-upper or in need of major repairs such as plumbing, roofing, mold remediation, or others, Globalized Homes will consider purchasing your home for cash.
Sell Inherited Property

Inheritance & Probate

We can help you and the beneficiaries by making selling your inherited property a simple process
Sell Home in Divorce


Your home is a difficult asset to deal with during divorce since you have no control as to how long it will take to sell and potentially hold up the completion of the divorce process.
Sell Home Quickly When Relocating

Job Relocation

If you find yourself with a new dream job across the country but need to relocate and sell your home quickly, we can purchase your house in as few as 5 days